In furrow fertilizer systems

Starter fertilizer is a crucial part of the soil fertility program, especially if you aim to take advantage of the benefits of planting earlier in the growing season. An in-furrow boost when soils are cold and wet ensures seeds have direct access to the nutrients they need during the most critical growth stage—before the sixth leaf, when maximum corn ear size is determined.

We recommend a normal use rate of five gallons per acre, but your product and rate will be determined by what we believe will be most profitable for you based on our soil testing program, your other fertilizer applications, and years of field tested experience. As seeds germinate, their internal nutrient sources—starches and sugars— are quickly used up. Plants looking for additional nutrient sources find them quickly when high-quality starter fertilizer is used.

Banded starter fertilizer outperforms broadcast fertilizer by providing a Precision placement is crucial. Crop Choice Starter Fertilizer: Is seed-safe for in-furrow placement at our recommended rates. Has the potential to benefit corn grassessoybeans legumesand virtually all other crops. Has a low impurity level, low viscosity, and low salt content. Is non-corrosive because of its low salt content and high level of purity.

Contains potassium, another nutrient that benefits young plants.Looking for a simple solution for placing liquid fertilizer that has all the features to get you up and running quickly with no hassles? Over the years AgXcel has found many features and parts that are required to complete an in-furrow starter system that does not leave you high and dry when applying liquid. The AgXcel single pump solution with a MANX manual rate controller is a complete kit and is a perfect solution for row planers and smaller drills requiring low volume in-furrow liquid fertilizer application requirements.

Things to Know About In-Furrow Starter Fertilizer

As with all AgXcel precision fertilizer application systems, in an effort to ensure that the GPA requirement is met, comes pre-assembled with a GX1 laser cut powder coated solid stand, dual filters are mounted and all hoses are pre-cut, fitted and plumbed to ensure proper flow is met and system pressure is maintained. The AgXcel GX1 is also available with a dual pump mounted system for special case scenarios. Address East 6th Street, Kearney, Nebraska GX1 Fertilizer System.

Each manifold solution comes pre-configured and fully assembled with the appropriate floating balls installed and mounted on a custom laser cut powder coated bracket. The Wilger manifold solution also comes kitted and mounted with a white laser cut back panel mount for easy viewing. Each pump is configured with an internal bypass mechanism and embedded check valve to ensure proper system pressure is maintained and no backflow from fertilizer tank is drawn and wasted. All harness are weather coated and with weather packed fittings to withstand even the harshest conditions.

The AgXcel electric pump is lined and sealed internally to keep out the weather environments and moisture to assist in the durability and lasting service of the pump. A special mounting bracket is also included in the kit for the flexibility of mounting in various locations.

The harness for the implement switch is also designed to break at the hitch for ease of release when removing the implement. Explore Products Request your hassle free quote now! Company Name. Close Subscribe.Toggle section navigation Products. Optimum starter placement. Phosphorus fertilizer does not move in the soil, which means that it needs to be placed where a plant will be able to access it.

Broadcasting the immobile nutrient across the entire field doesn't make sense, because it won't move to the rows where the plants are. Phosphorus is responsible for cell division and elongation and is needed early in a plant's life in the highest quantity. Considering the lack of movement of the fertilizer and the plant's need for P early in it's life, it makes sense to apply a phosphorus starter with the planter. Seedling roots and early crown roots of some crops will take up phosphorus; thus determining the ideal placement of the fertilizer.

Feeding the soil in the fall and hoping to get some of the nutrient back for the plants in the spring can be improved upon by moving some of the fall application to a planter applied band. Putting starter where the plant needs it, when the plant needs it, takes FurrowJet. These three bands are placed right where the seedling roots and crown roots will grow, taking up the P and thriving. Starter test plots were planted May 6 and 7 in Within 24 hours of planting, this field received excessive rainfall in a short amount of time, which played a role in the results.

The first study was a comparison of the check to FurrowJet applying 3 gal in-furrow and 10 gal through the wings. The second study compared the check to in-furrow only, FurrowJet tri-band and a 2X2 with Keeton together.

FurrowJet offers a lot of flexibility since your nutrient management plan is as unique as your fields are. Some growers have elected to run a different product in furrow and in the wings, and others have added micronutrients and only placed the fertilizer with the wings. The choice is yours, but the answer to each of these questions is FurrowJet. Planter nitrogen placement without the headaches.

Simple Low Cost Planter Fertilizer Kits

Phosphorus Doesn't Move Phosphorus fertilizer does not move in the soil, which means that it needs to be placed where a plant will be able to access it. Phosphorus is Needed Early Phosphorus is responsible for cell division and elongation and is needed early in a plant's life in the highest quantity. Place Phosphorus Perfectly Putting starter where the plant needs it, when the plant needs it, takes FurrowJet.The Black Y is used when you are using both sides of the chemical box.

This results in having only one drop tube placing material rather than trying to maintain two tubes over seed furrow. This lessons chances of stopping up. We have lids for all Kinze and Case IH planters from the Case planter to the latest model planters.

Simply snap TAB onto seed tube using two tie straps to secure. Insert granular tube coming from chemical boxes into TAB. This places granular material into the furrow. This offers extreme accuracy in the placement of granular material on John Deere, Kinze, White and Monosem planters. In-Furrow spray bracket mounts on the back of the TAB, there by ensuring extreme accuracy in placement of in-furrow spray materials.

By having the spray bracket attached to the TAB, this system tracks the seed furrow and spray tip is high enough that it does not hit the ground when gauge wheels drop into a machine ditch or small washout.

Cajun Ag in-furrow spray system can be adjusted from spraying only in bottom of seed furrow to sides of furrow and bottom or to a bank outside seed furrow. This can be done by changing the angle of spray tips and changing tip sizes. This system will give very uniform application of starter fertilizer, insecticides or fungicides.

Modification takes only minutes, NO drilling or bolting required. The extension itself simply snaps onto the existing hopper. Each kit adds 1 bushel to make a 2. Cajun Ag hopper extension kits not only increase capacity but also allow for use of chemical boxes. Cajun Ag seed hopper latches help reduce cracking on the plastic seed hoppers in the latch area.

in furrow fertilizer systems

The metal flip latch transfers the vibration from the planter frame to the hopper resulting in possible cracking.

Cajun Ag rubber T handle absorbs the vibration and has a dampening effect therefore reducing cracking. These fit Monosem Seed Hoppers and some models of chemical boxes.

Lock down securely with our patented latch system. The lid can be easily removed or left attached when filling the hopper. Hoods come in 20 inch sections and are pre-drilled so they may be bolted together for any width sprayer needed.

Cajun Ag hoods are extremely durable and light weight. Cajun Ag spray hoods can be turned long ways and used for narrow band spraying over crop rows in windy conditions.

Spray nozzles are removed from the top of the sprayer eliminating the need to get under the sprayer. Cell In-Furrow Application Equipment. The Black Y. Tube Alignment Bracket System. Tube Alignment Brackets. In-Furrow Spray Bracket. Bubble Top. Hopper Extension Kits. Seed Hopper Latch Kit. Hopper Extension. Monosem Seed Hopper Lid. Spray Hood.

Hooded Sprayer Kits.AgXcel the leader of innovative precision liquid fertilizer solutions and seed placement tools has over 35 years of experience built into our solutions and we are sure we have a solution that meets your season needs. AgXcel also designs and manufactures custom chemical injection systems for insecticides, pesticides and inoculant's injection.

AgXcel specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of unique and specialized precision liquid fertilizer solutions and components to place liquid In Furrow pop-up, starterHigh Volume 2 x 2 placement, side banding, high volume or dual placement strip-tilling, dual application and cultivation application needs just to name a few.

So the same state of the art designed solutions used by many of the mentioned companies are the same state of the art solutions you will be using on your farm! Whether you are planting corn, beans, cotton, sunflowers, potatoes or any other crop or whether you are looking for fertilizer tanks, applicators like Rebounders or SS tubes, a complete precision fertilizer applications solutions, or have a question on your current system, give us a call we have a solution or answer to your needs!

I had a few questions about my setup and when I called AgXcel the support was immediate. I will definitely use AgXcel for all my precision liquid fertilizer needs. I was a little hesitant at first when I needed a high volume liquid system for my Orthman Strip-Tiller machine, but after speaking with AgXcel on the phone for 15 minutes, it was obvious they fully understood my requirements and this wasn't their first gig.

It was a very "seamless" integration into my Trimble FMX just like they said, and the management of the system was precise. I called AgXcel because my local dealer for my Kuhn Gladiator couldn't support me with a high volume liquid system. I wanted dual application on each row and that's how they set it up.

The system was very easy to operate and the ability to change my rates on the fly was great. The pump part came in this weekend. I must say that I am so very impressed with your products and service. I continue to be pleased and express this experience with all of my friends in an area where most folks are still using squeeze or piston pump systems for starter fertility.

I hope to send more business your way in the future. I called AgXcel for a quote on a high volume liquid fertilizer system for my Kuhn Gladiator. They were very knowledgeable with my needs and quoted me a complete AgXcel GX5 hydraulic system. The install was straightforward since the pump and manifolds came preassembled which saved my tons of time on the install.

When I was up and running it all worked great…. I was so satisfied with the product and service at AgXcel that I even purchased a complete system for my JD planter.Mar 28, AgronomyNewsletters. I only started working on seeding equipment for no-till because of a severe lack of progress in that department—in Kansas, it was clearly the weakest link in our no-till adoption. Keep this in mind: we at Exapta first decide what needs to be done to provide better crop seedling establishment, then design equipment to fulfill that need.

Why use pop-up fertilizers? In areas with short growing seasons, pop-up can translate into faster dry-downs in the fall. And for crops that need to reach a certain stage before winter sets in e. Sub-surface guarantees the roots will have access to those nutrients, without relying on a rain. Is pop-up required to grow no-till crops?

The main reason to use pop-up fertilizer is to give a helping hand to young seedlings starting their growth under stress cold, damp soil. Especially for corn, it is common to add a zinc product, such as ammoniated zinc, to the It is also easy to add other micros, such as Cu or Mn since is a liquid.

And polyphos converts to orthophos within a few days in the soil anyway. What about seed safety? Well, since high orthophos products contain more water per gallon, they will be safer at the same GPA than Even then, the differences in crop safety usually only become noticeable if the soil is very sandy, or peat, or too much pop-up is used.

Incidentally, polyphos is made from orthophos by heating it, which causes the P molecules to link together as steam water is driven off; in moist soil, the reverse quickly occurs. Orthophos presents compatibility issues with micros.

What all can be mixed with what gets into a lengthy discussion, so check with your local agronomist or retailer.

For instance, a popular pop-up for corn is a mix of andapplied at 3 gallons per acre on inch rows. Liquid sulfur is tricky, since thiosul is so poisonous to the crop until it converts to sulfate and elemental S. What rates? For no-till corn in inch rows, 5 GPA of squirted into the furrow direct seed contact is usually plenty safe. The exception would be sugar sand, or if the seedbed was quite dry and you were just barely getting the corn seed in adequate moisture anyway.

Also, when corn is planted quite late such as in summer after wheat harvest—a. Of course, if you are planting in rows narrower than inch, you can increase the rate proportionally. Sorghum tolerates rates similar to corn, unless seed vigor is very poor. The prill or granule is in only one spot in the furrow, rather than mixed into a liquid stream that is squirted along the length of the furrow.

For wheat or other small grains, it is possible to blend in urea or prilled AMS to gain some additional N. S is much easier to apply in-furrow in a dry form. Not only can AMS be used, but also elemental S Elemental S cannot be taken up by plants, but must be converted to sulfate first. This is a microbial process.

But for soybeans planted with an air drill, elemental S in the seed row makes sense.This gives the seed the most perfect little world to germinate in and it works remarkably well.

We put it down away from the seed. That lets you put higher rates of fertiliser down all in the one go and not burn the seed.

in furrow fertilizer systems

We can also put down the Starter right at the seed to kick the seed along before it comes up. It is all on one monitor in the cab so the whole operation is pretty simple. All the liquid control system is on the one screen. We have had excellent luck with your system through Spring planting and will begin Fall planting in the coming weeks. I put liquid nitrogen and some phosphate over Ha and found this system very accurate, reliable and able to stand up to all I asked of it.

This season we purchased a VRS system for our small plot seeder. After a few modifications we needed to run the system off a hydropak motor as our seeder is a ute trailed machone everything went ultra smooth.

The team at LQS SA were very helpful in getting us up and running and in helping us calibrate the machine.

NACHURS In-furrow Application Equipment

Also we found the minimum batch usually would be around L as the lines generally hold a minimum of 3L.

Thanks again Peter and the team. Retrofit Gallery Be amazed by our customers' ingenuity, get inspired. View the gallery and see how our systems brilliantly retrofit onto any colour implement.

Read All News. Read More. A research machine designed to test subsoil amelioration techniques has been equipped with liquid application technology from Liquid Systems SA. Developed in collaboration with the Matt PriceCleve, SA.

in furrow fertilizer systems

Ross FisicaroWarragoon, N. Paul LushMallala S. Andrew LongmireSalmon Gums W. Paul SmithMukinbudin W. Leigh NairnNorthampton Agri Services. This is just another phase in the journey of a company with exceptional products.

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